Els Cants Sagrats de James MacMillan

Peça contemporània de James Macmillan, que fusiona el bé sagrat i secular en la juxtaposició dels poemes d’Ariel Dorfman durant la repressió política a Amèrica Llatina, amb textos religiosos tradicionals per emfatitzar una solidaritat més profunda amb els pobres d’aquest continent.

I – Identity

I – Identity (Text by Ariel Dorfman, trans. Edie Grossman)

What did you say—they found another one? —I can’t hear you—this morning another one floating in the river? talk louder—so you didn’t e ven dar e no one can identify him? the police said not even his mother not even the mother who bore him not even she could they said that? the other women already tried—I can’t understand what you’re saying, they turned him over and looked at his face , his hands they looked at, right, they’re all waiting together, silent, in mourning, on the riverbank, they took him out of the water he’s naked as the day he was born, there’s a police captain and they won’t leave until I get there? He doesn’t belong to anybody, you say he doesn’t belong to anybody? tell them I’m getting dressed, I’m leaving now if the captain’s the same one as last time he knows what will happen that body will have my name – my son’s my husband’s my father’s name I’ll sign the papers tell them tell them I’m on my way, wait for me and don’t let that captain touch him don’t let that captain take one step closer to him. Tell them not to worry: I can bury my own dead.

Libera animas omnium fidelium defunctorum de poenis inferni, et de profundo lacu:
Libera eas de ore leonis ne absorbeat eas tartarus, ne cadant in obscuram.

II –  Virgin Of Guadalupe

II – Virgin of Guadalupe (Text by Ana Maria Mendoza, trans. Gilbert Markus o.p)

Sweet Virgin of Guadalupe , oh virgin of the gentle e yes , dark-eyed virgin, good Lady, my love, painted by God’s own hand on the cloak of the Indian Juan What did you say to the bishop?

“You will build me a house outside the city, where I will wait , where I can hear the cries, the pleas of my Indian children.” Sweet Virgin of Guadalupe, oh virgin of the gentle eyes, dark-eyed

virgin, my girl, my love, I want to ask you this question, dear mother: Why is it that in Spain, on the far side of our hills and valleys, across the sea, why is there another Virgin of Guadalupe,

Patron Saint of the Conquerors? men with great beards, men on horses, men with swords and fire, who crush and burn our homes, and the Indians, your children, still inside? Why is it. Sweet

Virgin, sweet mother, why is there another Virgin of Guadalupe, ‘Patroness of the Conquerors’?

Salve Mater coeli porta

Virga florens et exorta David ex prosapia.
Hail Mother, portal of heaven Flowering Virgin, sprung from the line of David.Diego,
Sweet virgin, my love , who commanded the bishop to build you a shrine , where my brothers the Indians lived in Tapeyepac in Mexico , outside the city. Flogged and burned were these poor little ones , despised, deceived and mocked, my brothers the Indians. A thousand times mistreated, a thousand thousand killed.

III – Sun Stone

III – Sun Stone (Text by Ariel Dorfman, trans. Edie Grossman)

They put the prisoner against the wall. A soldier ties his hands. His fingers touch him—strong, gentle, saying goodbye. —Forgive me, compañero— says the voice in a whisper. The echo of his voice and of those fingers on his arm fills his body with light I tell you his body fills with light and he almost does not hear the sound of the shots.

Et incarnatus est de spiritu sancto.

Ex Maria Virgine, et homo factus est.
Crucifixus etiam pro nobis.

S:t Jacobs Chamber Choir

Notes del compositor

En la creació d’aquest treball que volia compondre alguna cosa que fora atemporal i contemporània, tant sacra com secular. El títol (Sacred Songs) és enganyós a mesura que els tres poemes tenen a veure amb la repressió política a Amèrica Llatina i s’acoblen deliberadament amb textos religiosos tradicionals per emfatitzar una solidaritat més profunda amb els pobres d’aquest continent.

Les veus dels poemes d’Ariel Dorfman pertanyen a les persones que pateixen un tipus particular de repressió política: la “desaparició” dels presos polítics.

Cants Sagrats va ser encarregat per la Scottish Chamber Choir amb subvenció del Consell Escocès de les Arts. La primera actuació va tenir lloc el 10 de febrer de 1990 a l’església vella de St Paul, Edimburg, amb la Scottish Chamber Choir dirigits per Colin Tipple.

James MacMillan


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